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Generate SQL queries, Excel formulas, Google Sheets formulas, and Regex expressions, all for just the price of a coffee!
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What features are available?
The app currently supports the following services:
  • Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets formula (function) generation and explanation (text2formula & formula2text).
  • Regex expression generation and explanation with AI (text2regex & regex2text).
  • SQL query building from textual instructions in any language (text2sql). Supports SELECT, UPDATE, DELETE queries, CREATE and ALTER TABLE requests, constraints, window functions, and literally everything!
  • SQL query explanation to plain English (sql2text).
  • SQL query optimization for better performance.
  • SQL query error fixation for faster problem-solving.
  • Adding your custom database schema (tables, fields, types).
  • SQL dialects for MySQL, PostgreSQL, Snowflake, BigQuery, MS SQL Server, and for more database types!
  • Supports all languages (English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Hindi, and more!)
If you have any other feature request that can be solved using Artificial Intelligence, please let us know!
Is the generation of responses always correct?
Despite using the currently state-of-the-art Natural Language Processing tool available, its results can sometimes be inaccurate. Always check the output before using it in production, and see hints for better performance (e.g. use more detailed sentences or incorporate your database scheme).
What are the potential use cases?
This application serves as an excellent resource for beginners eager to learn data handling. Moreover, it provides immense value to experts and professionals such as data analysts, data scientists, and data engineers who aim to improve their skills or streamline their workflow.No prior knowledge required!
Is my data safe?
Your data security is our priority. We do not store any user input or generated output. All data processing happens in real-time and is discarded immediately after use. Our system utilizes OpenAI for processing, which follows strict data usage policies. You can review OpenAI's data policy for further information.
Why is it better than other AI tools?
Our service distinguishes itself from similar tools such as ai2sql, formulabot, or aihelperbot by offering comparable accuracy and performance at a more affordable rate. This is possible because all SQL, Formula, and Regex generators fundamentally utilize the same AI language model in the background. We are happy to say that TEXT2SQL.AI is the most popular AI SQL generator in the world!
Furthermore, it is the only AI tool capable of generating SQL, Regex, Excel, and Google Sheets formulas in one!
How does it work?
TEXT2SQL.AI uses the OpenAI GPT Codex model which can translate English prompts to regex expressions, and regex expressions to English text. It is currently the most advanced Natural Language Processing tool available, and this is the exact same model which used by Github Copilot.
Is it free to use?
When the OpenAI GPT Codex model was in BETA and its API was free to use, TEXT2SQL.AI was completely free to use. However, now we are offering paid plans with 7 days free trial for better user experience, and you can cancel anytime!Try for free!